Why women demand too many rights nowadays

   I'm watching the Oscar-winning movie "The Help" right now - and I've stopped to write down this little thought of mine regarding the balance of power and rights within the society.

   Women have endured a lot of impairment during a long period of time - and it's natural that they've started to demand their rights, making big waves. Then came the fight against racism and other types of discrimination, some of which were - and still are - very violent.

   Nowadays, we might find out subjective ideas that women and representatives of different ethnicities or sexual orientations demand too many rights and feel entitled to them, which lead to the thought that the "invisible hand" from the economics theory actually works in society as well. It has the final goal of stability and equality, but the reality actually causes it to meander around this supposedly straight line - sometimes above it, sometimes beneath.

   It's like a mechanical pair of weighting scales that firstly slants to the left, than to the right, than again to the left, again and again... to finally find its balance, but only until another load touches its tray. Society's balance, likewise the scales', is a very fragile state.

Nicoleta Domnicu