What do you really want to say with that words?

I was helping dad today with the wording of a sales proposition for his clients. He is a lawyer and this is not necessarily included in his job description, but he had me - the ad-loving little child. While writing, we have come to an interesting conclusion about the correct use of words.

What do we need to keep in mind: 
* the receiver(s) 
* the wanted result

Depending on the receiver(s), you need to tailor your phrasing very carefully. There are a lot of books on that far better than any article you could read. Anyway, if you're in a hurry and you're absolutely clueless, reading a couple would certainly help.

Now it gets interesting. Depending on the wanted result:

* If you need him/them to perform an immediate specific action:
1) use simple words
2) use verbs instead of nouns
 For example, "buy" (verb, simple) instead of  "acquisition" (noun, sophisticated). You will recognize this type of communication in almost all ads.

* If you need them to acknowledge your superiority in an intellectual matter, (in a lawsuit or a simple quarrel or your typical essay):
1) use sophisticated words
2) use lots of adjectives/adverbs

For example, "I would gladly (adv.) speak my mind if you would be so courteous (adj.) to allow me to do that." instead of "Shut up!" (verb, blunt, simple).

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Nicoleta Domnicu